"The Mendocino"

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This fabric is 100% deadstock cotton from Japan, sourced in L.A.

Handmade. Couture quality. French seams. 

Color: Black. Rounded hood.

Non-Gendered. One Perfect Size.
One chest pocket, two side pockets.
Side slits reach through to access clothing pockets.

Vintage Wooden Buttons from Germany.
Vintage Jacquard Trim.
Trim & button color is different for every djoodie.

All seasons.

Perfect for osen, hot springs, sailing, poolside, clamming, campfires, beach walks, spas and wanderings.

Wear over clothes or alone, indoors or out.
Will last a lifetime and be a favorite item forever.

Designed for sustainable care over a lifetime.

Cold water wash. No dry cleaning or ironing needed.
Air dry, preferably over a nearby rosemary bush.

Limited edition of 30.