About Us

We believe in having fewer + better things, 

in loving them more, 

in keeping them forever.

We want clothing to last

the way the vintage clothes we love still last.

We want clothing that is made nearby,

with skilled people who we know personally,

with materials that don’t do them damage.

We want the cost of things to reflect

a respectful reality for the people who make them

and who do things

the way we say we wish they were done.

We want the pace of life + work to be less rushed.

We want to have more space in our life for things that we care about.

We are rethinking if + what we buy.

Owning how it’s made + what it costs us all along the way.  

We want to admire the things we wear in every aspect and detail.

We want to change into something that feels better

than what we were wearing before. 

We want to make a universally better,

humane, mindful, graceful place

to live + work + explore +

grow old in together.


We see business as a labor of love

+ a provocation of principles.

It’s easy to criticize the system 

+ to call on the powerful to be accountable.

It’s powerful + interesting + enlightening to make,

and to wear, and to invest in

something that’s made better + that makes it better.

We’re deep re-thinkers.

We are into great ideas + collaborations in all areas of thought + from all over the world.


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