Sustainability Policy + Returns + Packaging

We are rethinking the way sustainability is done.

To wit:

All sales are final. 

It feels good to commit!

Returns are for wafflers and wafflers don't wear djoodies.

Buy things you love and keep them forever.

That's our policy and now it's yours.

For our shipping, we've partnered with RePack - a genius + visionary company that has created a reusable packaging system.

Look at the difference you'll be making!!!!

Your djoodie will arrive in a RePack. To return it to be reused, follow the simple instructions: put the envelope in the U.S. mail.

As an incentive to return the package, when your tracked package is returned, we will make a donation to another organization with a world-changing idea:

Showers Of Hope provide mobile showers to unhoused Los Angelinos. They also guard parking lots for people who are sleeping in their cars. 

Learn more about them here.


Pre-Orders are a way for us to limit inventory so we don't create waste.

Don't want wasted resources going to unsold clothes, lying around + going to landfills?

Pre-order a djoodie. Zero waste but you will have the thrill of anticipation.

Keep your wig on! It's getting there!

Next day delivery, impulse purchases, and returns are habits we can break.

You've waited all of your life for a djoodie and you can wait a little longer. The anticipation is part of the beauty of it.

We use the beloved U.S. mail. 

If you do need a package in a rush, we can FedEx or DHL it once it's available.

Just ask us at

Here's to better, more carefully, more locally made things that we keep forever.

You're always a djenius in a djoodie.